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LIUMAN TECHNOLOGIES, LLC advancing academic, defense and industry measurements, research and applications Contact us: 2727 Alliance Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48910 mail@liumantech.com (517)-331-4389 We accept special order and design Our specialties: NOVEL instrumented projectile (IP) for measuring contact forces due high-velocity impact INNOVATIVE quasi-three-dimensional (Q3D) woven composites with high damage resistance ADVANCED peridynamic (PD) simulation of complex damage processes in fiber composites
Innovative Woven Composite Materials with High Damage Resistance Quasi-three-dimensional (Q3D) weaves are not three-dimensional (3D) weaves which have fiber yarns specifically oriented in the thickness direction. However, Q3D weaves are of 3D weaves since the interlocked fiber yarns form a tight three-dimensional network. Due to the step-by-step interlocking through the thickness, the fiber yarns in Q3D weaves can be maintained as flat as possible to gain high in-plane stiffness as the laminated counterparts while with high delamination resistance commonly seen in woven composites. 1. BQ3D: BI-AXIAL Q3D WEAVE 2. TQ3D: TRI-AXIAL Q3D WEAVE Top View of TQ3D Weave Side View of TQ3D Weave Braiding-overall Braiding-detail 3. QQ3D: QUAD-AXIAL Q3D WEAVE Schematic of QQ3D Weave Pattern Top View of QQ3D Weave
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