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LIUMAN TECHNOLOGIES, LLC advancing academic, defense and industry measurements, research and applications Contact us: 2727 Alliance Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48910 mail@liumantech.com (517)-331-4389 We accept special order and design Our specialties: NOVEL instrumented projectile (IP) for measuring contact forces due high-velocity impact INNOVATIVE quasi-three-dimensional (Q3D) woven composites with high damage resistance ADVANCED peridynamic (PD) simulation of complex damage processes in fiber composites

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An Advanced Computer Programming for Simulating Damage Processes and Wave Propagations in Complex Materials and Structures Being similar to molecular dynamics, peridynamics offers a brand new tool for material analysis and structure simulations. Due to its integration in nature, rather than differentiation in continuum mechanics, peridynamic is excellent for damage propagation investigations. 1D BAR MODEL – the domain of interest is divided into points joined by bars Domain Organized by Nodes Computation Loops Simulation of Wave Propagation in Each Point Has a Horizon Slip Hopkinson’s Pressure Bar 2D BEAM MODEL – the domain of interest is divided into points joined by beams 1. Unidirectional Laminates of Various Fiber Orientation Loaded with Uniaxial Tensile Stress 2. Dynamic Crack Branching (about 20degree)