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LIUMAN TECHNOLOGIES, LLC advancing academic, defense and industry measurements, research and applications Contact us: 2727 Alliance Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48910 mail@liumantech.com (517)-331-4389 We accept special order and design Our specialties: NOVEL instrumented projectile (IP) for measuring contact forces due to high-velocity impact INNOVATIVE quasi-three-dimensional (Q3D) woven composites with high damage resistance ADVANCED peridynamic (PD) simulation of complex damage processes in fiber composites DYNAMIC TESTING 1.INSTRUMENTED PROJECTILE (IP)
A Novel Transducer for Measuring Dynamic Contact Force during High-Velocity Impact Overall Layout of Instrumented Projectile (IP) A. Comparison of Impact Forces Measured by IP (Instrumented Projectile) and Long Bar When a short IP (6”) collides with a long SHPB (12’), the IP can give exactly the same force history as the long SHPB, shown below. The IP’s capability of measuring highly dynamic contact force can then be validated.


B. Comparison of Impact Forces Measured by IP (Instrumented Projectile) and FP (Fringe Projection) fringe projection (FP) for free projectile impact FP images of out-of-plane deformation contours 2.NEARLY CONSTANT LOW STRAIN RATE TESTER (NCLSRT) A DWIT Based Method for Performing Nearly Constant Low Strain Rates up to 200/s in both Compression and Tension Drop Weight Impact Tester Fixture for Tensile Impact Fixture for Compressive Impact 3.LABORATORY BLAST SIMULATOR (LBS)
A Shock Tube Based Facility for Performing Blast, Crash and Impact Test The LBS is based on a piston-assisted shock tube which consists of three 6m-long tubes with an inner diameter of 80mm. The tube on the far left is used for storing a high-pressure gas while the two on the right and in the middle are used for storing a low-pressure gas. A small section between these two is used for storing an intermediate-pressure gas. The LBS can produce a wave as high as 210 MPa, a temperature as high as 1,000 deg C and a wave speed as high as 5 Mach. To achieve a shock wave with a blunt wave front, a second diaphragm must be installed right before the small-diameter blast tube.
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